Hello, I’m glad to have you visited on my travel website. I am Aryan Soni a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan in
India who’s been known as the title of “First Man in India” to have the tattoos of 28 States and 9 UTs of
India. This page will give you a clear glimpse about this website and how we can work together as a
team. You’ll see the “About Me” section, where I have described everything related to know that you
may want to know.
Additionally, there’s also a Guest Post section available that is exclusively available for the passionate
traveler and travel bloggers who want to publish their traveling blogs and share the knowledge with
others. For any other information or discussion, please feel free to connect with me over email


Quick Facts About Me!
 I have travelled more than 15 states of India.
 I have be titled as “First Man in India” to have tattoos of all States & UTs in India.
 I love travelling and discussing things about traveling with others.
 I have extremely engaged audiences on social media platforms.

Interested in working together with me on your traveling goals? I am already excited to know what
you’ve got in your list. Let’s share with me. I look forward to hearing from you!