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Kedarnath Yatra 2019


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Uttarakhand, which is called heaven of the world, will not be wrong. Here you will get to see temples of thousands of years old and you will also get the privilege of bathing in the water of  Holy Maa Ganga River. So we take you to Kedarnath.

In June 2019, I got to visit Kedarnath and I am sharing some of his memorable moments. Lord Shiva’s holy land, which is also a Jyotirlinga, you have to first go to Haridwar to visit Kedarnath. Railway, bus facility is available from every place to Haridwar, Haridwar is about 220 kilometers from Delhi, Haridwar, you can stop for 1 day to see Ganga ji and see Ganga Aarti from there you will have to go to Rishikesh which is about 20 Kilometers from Haridwar.


From Rishikesh, you will get a bus to Sonprayag which runs around 4-5 early in the morning followed by a roadways bus near 11 am. Come, if you want, you can go by car but the bus will be cheap, you can reach Sonprayag for around 500 rupees in the bus. It takes about 8-10 hours by bus from Rishikesh to Sonprayag. On the way you will see a high mountain somewhere, a river making a loud sound.

kedarnath view

After reaching Sonprayag, if you stop at night, you will get the facility of the hotel there. If your budget is less, then in the hotel 2 km before Sonprayag, you will also get hotels for less rupees. You will have to come near the bridge after getting ready to get up early from there at 3 am in the morning. From there you will be taken to Gaurikund by a small carriage because there is a narrow road from Sonprayag to Gaurikund is about 5 kilometers.

The road to Kedarnath Trek starts from Gaurikund, which is about 20 to 22 kilometers on foot. From here you can start climbing on foot, otherwise you can also go by mule or Sedan . You will also get the facility of helicopter here. You will get helicopters from Fata and Gaurikund. The path to Kedarnath is very difficult, in the middle you will continue to have facilities to eat and drink. Medical facilities are also free from the Government of Uttarakhand. There is also a water system at every place. On the way, it can start raining anytime, so keep raincloth together with Rainy. It is also very cold here, so take special care of yourself.

On the way to Kedarnath, if you see large mountains covered with snow, then you will find a deep ditch somewhere. People who have any Respiratory Disease need to take special care. The mule leaves 1 kilometer before the temple complex. The helicopter will leave you 500 meters in advance. You will get the facility of hotel and guest house for staying in Kedarnath. You will also get the facility of tent house, which will be available to the person at around Rs 300-500. A plate of food will be available at Rs 200 for food.

On reaching Kedarnath, you will feel that you have not seen such a scene in heaven. There are two times of darshan in the temple, you can offer water in the temple at 4 o’clock in the morning, you will have darshan of Lingi and at night you are made to have darshan of Kedarnath Baba. The outer courtyard of the temple is very large. If you have to see, then you have to be in the line at 3 o’clock, then later about 1-2 kilometers of line are installed. There is Bhimsheela behind the temple, it is the same Bhimsheela due to which the way of water was changed when disaster came.

bherunath temple , kedarnath
Bhaironath Temple , Kedarnath

There is a temple of Bhaironath Temple on the mountain at a distance of 1 kilometer in Kedarnath itself. It is said that after visiting Kedarnath, it is necessary to visit Bhaironath Temple or else the journey is not considered complete.
There is Vasuki Tal on the hills, about 8-9 km from Kedarnath, it is said that this Vasuki Nath snake which is in the neck of Lord Shiva is his place. This is where the lotus blooms, which is most dear to Lord Shankar.

kedarnath view
Medical Assistance on Kedarnath

Kuber Mountain and Brahma Cave are located in the huge snow covered mountains facing the back of Kedarnath temple, it is said that Badrinath Dham is behind this mountain only.

For Medical Assistance on Kedarnath road, contact -01364- 233946, 8532954755 and 9897663755





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