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Legend’s Don’t Die, I am Living Example…

                 – ARYAN SONI

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  • My Tattoo Story

    My Tattoo Story   Aryan Soni from Bikaner expressed his immense love for his country by making a tattoo reflecting the maps of Indian states. Aryan Soni is an Indian citizen living in...
  • पब्लिक पार्क – बीकानेर

    मेरा बीकानेर   पब्लिक पार्क - बीकानेर बीकानेर शहर के टूरिस्ट आकर्षण में पब्लिक पार्क का नाम भी आता है इसका निर्माण 1912 में हुआ था वैसे तो बीकानेर का पब्लिक पार्क जूनागढ़...
  • Bikaneri Ghewar

    On hearing the name of Ghewar, mouth watering comes in the name of Ghewar in Rajasthan's famous sweets. Ghewar is formed in a circular shape Ghewar is made of 2...
  • बीकानेरी घेवर

    घेवर का नाम सुनते ही मुँह में पानी आ जाता है  राजस्थान  की  प्रसिद्ध मिठाई में घेवर का भी नाम आता है । घेवर गोलाकार आकर में बनता है  घेवर...
  • Hawa Mahal , Jaipur

    On 1 March 2020, due to some work, it was planned to go to Jaipur. Thought I would bring back some memories from there, reached Jaipur at 6 in the...
- MEET ME ! -

Hello Friends… I am Aryan Soni from Bikaner, Rajasthan. I have been traveling across India for past many years with a hidden love for bike riding, trekking, mountaineering, swimming and adventure activities.The website is to share my story and the love for travelling with people who want to explore the hidden gems across different states of India. As a travelers, I have experienced almost every corner of the country, I aim to cover all the 28 states and 8 Union territories in India.

I left my corporate job to follow my passion for traveling and it’s been quite an interesting and inspiring journey so far. To show my love for traveling, I decided to engrave the Map & monuments of all states and UTs of India, and now I’m proudly called the ‘First Man in India’ to have tattoos of all Indian states and UTs on my body. The reason? Because I want to travel to all these monuments and share the knowledge with the people, aiming to visit or to know about these places This has also won me many laurels and awards across the country and world.

Let's go on discover a new world


केदारनाथ यात्रा 2019
Kedarnath Yatra 2019
हवा महल, जयपुर
Hawa Mahal , Jaipur
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